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Body Geometry Fit - just a few examples of our experiences with BG Fit

“Just got home from 2nd ride on it. Freaking awesome !!! Feels so comfortable and that l’m getting the most out each pedal rotation. I’m over the moon” - Jason Road Cyclist November 22, 2011

 " after my BG fit I did a 200km ride and my back pain was gone, my neck pain was gone, and u had no burning feet!! " - Carly.

 " FANTASTIC! I've got no numb toes, no burning feet, my left leg doesn't feel tight anymore! The issue I had with my sit bones has improved big time. " - Brigitte Road Cyclist

 " my bike feels awesome! Love your work " - Claudine Triathlete

 " I love my bike. It is SO comfortable. Thankyou! " - Roz

 " magic. Last week I was hanging on. This week I was mixing it in the sprint. Great job. " – Wayne Road Cyclist

 " I feel the BEST I'VE EVER FELT! " - Michael.

 " I thought I would have to stop riding altogether. Very professional, very happy with the process and the professionalism. " - David. Flat Bar Road Cyclist.

 " First ride - wow! " - David. Road Cyclist.

 “My average wattage, over a twenty kilometer time trial, has gone up by twenty watts” - Tully Competitive Road Cyclist October 2011

 “Will detour on my way home and tell you in person. Amazing springs to mind” – Jodi.  Road Cyclist September 30, 2011

 “Thanks so much. Still a bit amazed by the difference with the road bike – didn’t think l could ever be that comfy and efficient on a bike.” – Jodi.  Road Cyclist September 30, 2011

 "the saddle is great! No numbness, no burning, the pain in my right knee is gone! And I can now ride in the drops!" - Mark

 "very very happy with my BG fit! The results are great. I feel significantly better in the bike!" – Gerd Recreational Road Cyclist

 "I always had pain in my foot. Since my BG fit the pain is gone. I can go fast now!" - Chris.

 "really good. Have been having problem with pins needles left foot only and you guys weren't going to stop until you had a solution. Just have test ride now. Was there for nearly 4hrs so it is an excellent service!! Think I'm a full cycle fan now. Close to my office too!!" – Bruce Recreational Road.

 “l now do 50 kms in the time it used to take me to do 40 kms and no numbness whatsoever” Jim Flat Bar Road June 2016

 “Wow, what a difference on my first ride ! I did over 30 kms without stopping and felt l could just keep going if l had time !” Rachel April 2013

 “You are a lifesaver” “l didn’t have any pain in the back, shoulders or neck, also no pain from the saddle”

Susie  May 2013