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Body Geometry Fit - just a few examples of our experiences with BG Fit

“Just got home from 2nd ride on it. Freaking awesome !!! Feels so comfortable and that l’m getting the most out each pedal rotation. I’m over the moon” - Jason Road Cyclist November 22, 2011

 " after my BG fit I did a 200km ride and my back pain was gone, my neck pain was gone, and u had no burning feet!! " - Carly.

 " FANTASTIC! I've got no numb toes, no burning feet, my left leg doesn't feel tight anymore! The issue I had with my sit bones has improved big time. " - Brigitte Road Cyclist

 " my bike feels awesome! Love your work " - Claudine Triathlete

 " I love my bike. It is SO comfortable. Thankyou! " - Roz

 " magic. Last week I was hanging on. This week I was mixing it in the sprint. Great job. " – Wayne Road Cyclist

 " I feel the BEST I'VE EVER FELT! " - Michael.

 " I thought I would have to stop riding altogether. Very professional, very happy with the process and the professionalism. " - David. Flat Bar Road Cyclist.

 " First ride - wow! " - David. Road Cyclist.

 “My average wattage, over a twenty kilometer time trial, has gone up by twenty watts” - Tully Competitive Road Cyclist October 2011

 “Will detour on my way home and tell you in person. Amazing springs to mind” – Jodi.  Road Cyclist September 30, 2011

 “Thanks so much. Still a bit amazed by the difference with the road bike – didn’t think l could ever be that comfy and efficient on a bike.” – Jodi.  Road Cyclist September 30, 2011

 "the saddle is great! No numbness, no burning, the pain in my right knee is gone! And I can now ride in the drops!" - Mark

 "very very happy with my BG fit! The results are great. I feel significantly better in the bike!" – Gerd Recreational Road Cyclist

 "I always had pain in my foot. Since my BG fit the pain is gone. I can go fast now!" - Chris.

 "really good. Have been having problem with pins needles left foot only and you guys weren't going to stop until you had a solution. Just have test ride now. Was there for nearly 4hrs so it is an excellent service!! Think I'm a full cycle fan now. Close to my office too!!" – Bruce Recreational Road.

 “l now do 50 kms in the time it used to take me to do 40 kms and no numbness whatsoever” Jim Flat Bar Road June 2016

 “Wow, what a difference on my first ride ! I did over 30 kms without stopping and felt l could just keep going if l had time !” Rachel April 2013

 “You are a lifesaver” “l didn’t have any pain in the back, shoulders or neck, also no pain from the saddle”

Susie  May 2013



The Specialized AUDAX cycling shoe, not named after St Audax the third century saint who was martyred, but after the long distance road cycling events.
Why the AUDAX ? AUDAX cycling is generally known as being long distance which means spending a long time on the bike and on the pedals.
Bring on the AUDAX shoes designed for all day riding, for those who of course have the time to ride all day. Designed with Specialized's anatomical Body Geometry carbon sole support which is known to increase efficiency, optimise hip, knee and ankle alignment as well as provide incredible comfort. This we all know from other such Specialized shoes however the sole is slightly wider on this version than on some of the previous shoe models.
Then the shoe upper is the most dramatic change. The material is a supple micromax synthetic leather, ventilated to keep the foot cool in warmer climates, unlike our current weather. A good pair of shoe covers or Velotoze will take care of that until the temperature begins to rise again. As opposed to some previous Specialized shoes, the AUDAX also has a low profile heel which is remarkably still secure and supportive.
The reason for the lower cut heel is to ensure there is no restriction or pressure on the achilles for those with full ankle motion in their pedal rotation.
So most importantly, how do they ride ? To be honest it is a diffuclt product to review as, once the shoes were on and the pedals started turning, l never gave the shoes another thought ! They fit so well and were so comfortable that after four decent rides in them, there is not much to report because the shoe performed flawlessly. No discomfort whatsoever, no too tight across the top, no digging in the toes, no too narrow across the toes, no heel cup pushing against the heel, no inner shoe rub against the arch of the foot and certainly no flexing of the sole out of the saddle up hills.
I cannot recall ever transitioning into a pair of shoes so easily in all the years of cycling. The one BOA dial made setting the tension simple and the two velcro straps were just set and forget. These shoes certainly have achieved their goal of being a "ride all day pushing the limits" type of shoe and at the end of ride you are not even in a hurry to take them off.
8/10 for the AUDAX shoes as they are still not as light as the S Works shoe and, although l didn't have an issue, not as stiff in the sole. For those who do not have the budget for an S Works shoe, this is the one to get and available in White, Black and Candy red !



VENGE VIAS PRO Bike review


After four months of waiting, finally the VENGE VIAS PRO is here and ready to go.

You can take as much of the wind tunnel, wattage reduction, reduced wind drag, better at yaw angles, on a 36 degree day, at 50 kilometres per hour, if you hold your head slightly to the left at 93 psi on an indoor velodrome test riding data as you want and review it until the cows come home. But, what does this all mean to the mere mortal wanting to ride a road bike and get performance benefits and a quality ride ?


Well, all of this data still means exactly that to a mere mortal. The bike is very, very fast, whether you are going at 50 kilometres an hour or only going at 30 kilometres per hour, all of these little details still have an influence on the bike's performance.

After three solid test rides, taking in some dubious and questionable road surfaces, the VENGE VIAS ticks all the proverbial boxes.


The first thing l noticed and was pleasantly surprised by was how smooth the bike is. Aero bikes have a reputation of being very harsh in their ride, not so the Venge, it is very compliant.

(Just to make sure how much the amazing S Works tyres influenced that ride quality, l also tested the bike with some ZIPP wheels paired with Conti tubulars in and the ride was still extremely smooth)


Great, that's a relief, a smooth ride, now the next test, with a crosswind as little 5 kph will l be riding at right angles like l am riding through Fiji during a Hurricane ? Not the case, even with the ROVAL CL64 deeper rims in the bike, my sub 60 kg frame was not being blown around at all into the crosswinds of about 12-14 kph. All that work and development into frame shape and design as well as rim aerodynamics on the Roval CL64's has paid off big time to ensure the bike remains stable and wind gusts have no more effect on the bikes handling than on my regular round tube bike frame. Another box ticked off and another great sigh of relief. Although l am not prepared to test it during a hurricane in Fiji.


From there, give the bike a little bit of stick to see what happens and yep, it accelerates, very, very quickly and then it was no problem whatsoever to hold and maintain speeds of 36-38 kph. To clarify, when l say no problem, l mean not as tough as on my normal round tube shaped bike, l'm not that fast. With the aerodynamics of the Venge frame, it's handlebars and front end combined with the CL64 Roval wheels, the bike held it's speed with no where near as much effort as it takes for the regular frame bike which is exactly what you expect from a bike like this.


Next stop, handling. The first few corners on the Venge l did have to readjust my line, but not in a bad way. This thing corners so incredibly well that there is nowhere near as much effort required to duck through a corner and maintain speed. In the third ride on the bike, whilst with a fast race group going through a corner, l found myself in an unusual position, well out in front ! As we went through a left turn several other riders had to slow to maneuver their machine through it when l just had to point the Venge and it did all the rest. Whilst on the subject of handling, there has been some conjecture over the braking power or quality of the proprietary aero brakes virtually built into the Venge VIAS frame. They are no Shimano XT Disc brake but they certainly do not lack power or performance. Like any bike component or any brake, they need correct adjustment, brake pad alignment, brake pad/rim compatibility and they stop you just like any other good quality caliper road brake. Another sigh of relief as yet another rumor about this fast bike is put to bed.


With the Roval CL64 Wheels the bike comes in a little heavier than road bikes in it's class at about 7.5 kgs. I am in a fortunate position that if plan on doing a hilly ride, l can change wheels and bring that down to about 6.9 kgs which is mentally far more appealing. That all said, the bike feels like 7.6 kg to pick up, but accelerates like a bike that is 6.5 kgs, there is no penalty in performance by a little additional weight which is probably due to the specific cable routed head stem and integrated brakes.


This bike is an amazing weapon and what l find most remarkable, it does not have to be only for the elite racer. Let's face it, everyone wants to go fast, they won't say it to your face, they won't tell their bunch riding mates, but most cyclist's are competitive and want to go fast. Due to the smoother than expected ride, incredible handling and bike geometry, this bike can be for everyone. What l mean by geometry is that bikes of this nature are generally far lower in the front that the geometry of an endurance road bike. Specialized have realised that riders need the bikes to accommodate their bike fit and body positions and so have left a lot of fork steerer tube and spacers protruding from the head tube of these bikes. This extra height, combined with the 2.5 cm rise in the Aero handlebars, means that the bikes can pretty much accommodate any road riders bike fit and body position, making this bike far more user friendly and open for any cyclist to take advantage of it's unrivaled aerodynamics, speed, compliance and handling.


This bike feels amazing to ride and a unique sight to look down and see totally clean bars, stem and frame due all of the cables being internal routed through the bars and stem. A feeling you only really have previously experienced with a track bike or a fixie bike.


If we had to star rate this bike, it would have to be 10 out 10. Fortunately we don't have to star rate it so let's just say that this thing is amazingly fast !








Here is some insight on how to be one with your bike at Body Geometry Fit.


QM Sports Care @ The Full Cycle

Back in the day, chamois creams -- some of which were not much more advanced than petroleum jelly -- were needed to keep the leather chamois in the wool shorts soft and less abrasive. Many wonder in today's world of synthetic and scientifically plush shammies, why anyone would need to fork over hard earned cash for a cream. It's a good question, but one best answered by the experience of arriving home with a burning undercarriage after riding five days in a row. QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream is the solution and will save all your tender parts from becoming raw.

When you open up the generously sized tub of Antifriction Cream, you'll see that it looks more like a Vicks vapor rub, than a cream. It has a slightly denser texture than Vicks, but it is easily spread on the nether regions. It doesn't tingle and isn't cooling. In fact you'll hardly notice it. It is a silent savior. Unlike some chamois creams, the consistency of the QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream seems to keep you from slipping around on a freshly treated chamois. In fact, it is entirely likely that you will forget all about it. Only when the ride is over and you peel yourself out of your shorts will it occur to you that there wasn't any friction or irritation all day.

Friction is one scourge. Bacteria are another. Heavily rubbed skin in steamy hot, minimally ventilated areas is always going to be a breeding ground for bacteria. And bacteria are what lead to the Oscar Freire or Tom Boonen season-ending, surgery-demanding saddle sores. The QM Antifriction Cream has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal ingredients which mean that infections will be eliminated, provided you already practice a reasonably high level of hygiene. Keep it clean, apply the QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream to the chamois and/or directly to your skin, and you won't have to worry about your unmentionables suffering through your century rides.

When you feel that early autumn nip in the air, you can't count on the sun to help you warm up your muscles. QM Sports Care Embrocation Warming Lotion can cut your warm up time and reduce muscle fatigue to keep you riding in comfort even when the cold snaps.

QM Sports Care uses 100% natural ingredients to concoct products that aid performance as well as mitigate stress injuries. As far as thisEmbrocation Lotion is concerned, a little dab will do. It's packaged in a tub like your grandma's old cold cream, but don't be fooled that it will be anything but the most advanced pre-ride massage product on the market. With an off-white color and clover honey-like texture, it's easy and mess-free to scoop with your fingers and rub it into your leg muscles before you slip into your bib shorts.

To keep your legs warm throughout the winter months and the changing temperatures of the season, QM Sports Care has developed three different versions of the Embrocation Lotion with three different heat levels. Level 1 or the Warm Embrocation is intended for those early fall days where the temps will hover around 24 degrees. It feels like a quick jump start, but nothing overpowering. Then there is the Level 2 Hot Embrocation Lotion which is designed for 15 degree days that may threaten a little rain too. This will give you a pleasantly warm feeling, though not with an annoying tingling effect. It will reach deep into the muscles with just a few minutes of massaging. And if your legs are still a little sore from the previous day's ride, the lotion will give you definite relief from the pain.

When it's cold and rainy, but you still have to get out and ride, it would be time to bring out the heavy-hitter in the QM Sports Care embrocation quiver. The Level 3 Extra Hot Lotion has been added to the lineup to aid folks who ride a large portion of their base miles in Classics style weather. The Extra Hot Lotion is for those 4-7 degree days where rain and or snow are not only a possibility but a given. And here the folks at QM Sports Care are cautious enough to suggest that you use it sparingly. Don't just slather on more lotion the colder it gets; rather, rub in the normal amount earlier than usual to give the QM Sports Care Embrocation Warming Lotion time to be absorbed fully into the deep muscles.

Endorsed by the following Pro Teams:

Omega Pharma - Quick Step Pro Tour Cycling Team

Frederik Van Lierde, Iron Man Triathlon Hawaii 2013

Lotto - Belisol Pro Tour Cycling Team

Cofidis Pro Cycling Team

Wiggle - Honda Pro Woman Cycling Team