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Photoshoot - WTP Versus 


8 years, countless kilometres. 1 bag. 

After several years of use and abuse my Deuter back pack had finally had
enough. Seams pushed to the limits from over loading, gravel rash from
unexpected collisions and all that mother nature could throw at it and in
the end after 8 hard years of commuting it was a worn out zip that put the
final nail in the coffin. So it was time to replace it and I needn't look
any further than the 2014 equivalent Dueter Race EXP air. Superb
construction, expandable cargo space, rain cover, helmet caddy, key tag,
phone pocket, hydration pouch, the features list goes on and on. Super light
weight, comfortable and great looking. This is money well spent, looking
forward to the 2022 model.


Crank Shorteners 

The Full Cycle provides riders with specific medical conditions the ability to get the most out of their cycling with custom fitting solutions. The latest in our range of fitting solutions are Crank Shorteners. Suitable for riders with specific conditions, kids bikes and tandems.
Available in store now.


New Knog Lights will brighten your day(or night rather) 

Knog produce some of the most stylish products on the market. The new range of head lights to hit the shelves are part of the BLINDER range. As the name suggests, these lights are bright. (Do not look directly at the light.)

The new Blinder Arc models are available in 170 and 550 Lumens. As the photo below shows, the 550 lumen Blinder Arc is quite impressive. Small, compact and neat. The silicon strap now includes a magnetic clip attachment to secure the light in place. Something we found to be a marked improvement.

Although not quite dark enough yet to really put these lights to the test, commuters and shift workers will find this new model bright enough to light the way!


Product Review- Muc Off Dry Shower

Well the mention of a dry shower conjures up all kinds of thoughts so the prospect of trying this product captured my imagination. Now, l just need an event to go to test it out.
After two events, I have to give this product a thumbs up!

With the first event over and done with l gave the bottle a good shake and was fascinated that the liquid came out as a foam like product with each pump of the dispenser. Hmmm, a nice coconut aroma as promised. Once applied to the skin the foam immediately gave a cleansing feeling and, if left alone for about 20 seconds, it actually dried out! Alternatively, wiping it off with a towel was just as effective and left the skin feeling clean.
So while not as cleansing, nor exhilarating as an actual shower, getting a shower after a cycling, running, walking, triathlon event or rock concert, can sometimes be extremely challenging, especially when faced with a long drive home afterwards. On the long drive home afterwards, none of my travelling companions complained of any off putting odours so l am to assume it was not unpleasant for them as well.

So to the next test, a mechanical dilemma left my hands worse for wear with some grease and grime. What to do? I normally carry some wet wipes for such an occasion but hold on, let's test out the dry shower. I was quite surprised and very happy with the results, the combination of Dry Shower and a hand towel was perfect and left my hands very clean and skin not dry as you often find from a hand cleanser type product.

Once home from the journey however, it was still a great feeling to have that real shower that you look forward to so much after an event.

How does this product work so well and do such a good job? l can't tell you because the directions, cautions and list of ingredients on the bottle are printed so small l would require the Hubble telescope to be able to read it. (See photo!) I will have to refer you to the website to read that yourself.
All in all, a fantastic product that now has a permanent place in my events bag so it will always travel with me.

Check it out: