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Product Review- Muc Off Dry Shower

Well the mention of a dry shower conjures up all kinds of thoughts so the prospect of trying this product captured my imagination. Now, l just need an event to go to test it out.
After two events, I have to give this product a thumbs up!

With the first event over and done with l gave the bottle a good shake and was fascinated that the liquid came out as a foam like product with each pump of the dispenser. Hmmm, a nice coconut aroma as promised. Once applied to the skin the foam immediately gave a cleansing feeling and, if left alone for about 20 seconds, it actually dried out! Alternatively, wiping it off with a towel was just as effective and left the skin feeling clean.
So while not as cleansing, nor exhilarating as an actual shower, getting a shower after a cycling, running, walking, triathlon event or rock concert, can sometimes be extremely challenging, especially when faced with a long drive home afterwards. On the long drive home afterwards, none of my travelling companions complained of any off putting odours so l am to assume it was not unpleasant for them as well.

So to the next test, a mechanical dilemma left my hands worse for wear with some grease and grime. What to do? I normally carry some wet wipes for such an occasion but hold on, let's test out the dry shower. I was quite surprised and very happy with the results, the combination of Dry Shower and a hand towel was perfect and left my hands very clean and skin not dry as you often find from a hand cleanser type product.

Once home from the journey however, it was still a great feeling to have that real shower that you look forward to so much after an event.

How does this product work so well and do such a good job? l can't tell you because the directions, cautions and list of ingredients on the bottle are printed so small l would require the Hubble telescope to be able to read it. (See photo!) I will have to refer you to the website to read that yourself.
All in all, a fantastic product that now has a permanent place in my events bag so it will always travel with me.

Check it out:


Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the team at The Full Cycle! Ride Safe in 2014.


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